Annual Appeal

Each year, hundreds of individuals, businesses, schools and foundations generously support the Catholic Education Foundation’s Annual Appeal. All gifts to the Annual Appeal are needed, whether small or large, and are greatly appreciated. The Annual Appeal raises funds for:

  1. Assistance to schools that wish to participate in the Catholic School Identity Assessment
  2. Teacher formation programs
  3. Recruitment and retention of quality educators through competitive compensation

Your gift to the Annual Appeal will help achieve our ambitious goals of providing monetary assistance to Catholic high schools.


A financial endowment is a transfer of money or property donated to an institution, with the stipulation that it be invested, and the principal remain intact. This allows for the donation to have a much greater impact over a long period of time than if it were spent all at once, due to compound interest.

An endowed scholarship is tuition (and possibly other cost) assistance that is permanently paid for with the revenue of an endowment fund specifically set up for that purpose. It can be either merit-based or need-based (which is only awarded to those where the college or high school expense would cause their family financial hardship) depending on school policy or donor preferences. It is possible that the Foundation or school will facilitate donors meeting the students they are helping. Given the rising cost of schools, finance is frequently a factor when families decide where to educate their children. The amount that must be donated to start an endowed scholarship can vary greatly.

Legacy Giving

Catholic Education Foundation
Legacy Giving Opportunities

Scholarships * Education Chairs * Teacher Formation Fund

The primary source for funding Catholic Education Foundation, Inc. programs and scholarships is the legacy giving of individuals and families who make an endowed gift to fund scholarships, endow a chair, or help recruit or retain quality teachers for a specific institution and namesake of their choice. For example, John Smith creates a scholarship recognizing his high school teacher, Brother Charles Wright, for which another student or teacher is the recipient.

Scholarships and Educational Chairs can be donated in full or amortized for growth over a specified period. The endowment portion of amortized scholarships matures in ten years to full value.

For more information about how you can be a partner with the Foundation at the Legacy Giving Levels, please call: 585 899 1245/1255 or

Nurturing the Mind and Spirit

Scholarship Levels

Level Total Amortized
Platinum $100,000 $10,000 per year for 10 years
$4,000 yearly scholarship plus $ 6,000 endowment
Gold $75,000 $7,500 per year for 10 years
$3,000 yearly scholarship plus $ 4,500 endowment
Silver $50,000 $5,000 per year for 10 years
$2,000 yearly scholarship plus $ 3,000 endowment
Bronze $25,000 $2,500 per year for 10 years
$1,000 yearly scholarship plus $ 1,500 endowment

Educational Chairs

Level Total Amortized
Compensation Fund $500,000 $50,000 per year for 10 years
$20,000 annually plus $ 30,000 endowment
Teacher Formation $250,000 $25,000 per year for 10 years
$10,000 annually plus $15,000 endowment

The Compensation Fund is for teacher benefits and recruitment; the Teacher Formation Fund assists colleges with teacher recruitment.