The Priest in Today’s Catholic School 2019

Bishops, priests and seminarians participate in this fourth annual intensive and comprehensive three-day seminar.
July 16-19, 2019

1. Catholic Schools in the Magisterium

(Due to a difficulty with the 2019 file, this segment was filmed in 2018.)

2. History and Identity of Catholic Schools in the U.S.

3. Administrators and Religious Talk about Priests in Our Catholic Schools

4. Religion & Science in the Catholic Curriculum

5. The Priestly Presence

6. Priest as a PR Agent

7. Going Classical

8. School Choice Initiatives

9. The Dumbest Generation

10. Guiding Your Teachers toward a Catholic Philosophy of Education

11. Financial Guidance for Pastors

12. Resources and Video Presentation on Virtue Education

13. Going to College in High School