The Priest in Today’s Catholic School 2020

Bishops, priests and seminarians to participate in this third annual intensive and comprehensive three-day seminar.
July 14-16, 2020


Fr. Peter Stravinskas and Dean Maureen Gillette with Parental Reflections from Richard/Vera Hough & Lt. Christopher York

1. Catholic Schools in the Magisterium

Fr. Stravinskas; respondent, Sr. Elizabeth Anne Allen

2. History & Identity of Catholic Schools in U.S.

Fr. Stravinskas; respondent: Br. Owen Sadlier

3. Panel Discussion by Seminarians in the Catholic School Apostolate [Respondent, Fr. Dennis McManus]

4a. Administrators and Religious Talk about Priests in Our Schools

Dean Gillette, Kevin Kijewski, Bishop Arthur Kennedy, Mary Pat Donoghue, Sr. Mary Elizabeth Merriam, Michael Buell

4b. Administrators and Religious Talk about Priests in Our Schools

Sr. Elizabeth Anne, Thomas Carroll, Charles Taylor, Msgr. Joseph Schaedel

Lunch Presentation: School Safety

Lt. Christopher York

5. Religion & Science in the Catholic Curriculum

Sr. Mary Elizabeth; respondent: Bishop Kennedy

6. The Priestly Presence

Fr. Christopher Peschel, Msgr. Sal Pilato, Bishop Kennedy, Msgr. Robert Batule

7. Priest as PR Agent

Fr. Stravinskas & Priest Faculty

8. Guiding Your Teachers toward a Catholic Philosophy of Education

Br. Owen; respondent, Charles Taylor

9. School Choice Initiatives

Fr. Stravinskas, Shawn Peterson, Thomas Carroll

10. Going Classical

Kevin Kijewski, Mary Pat Donoghue; respondents: Vera Hough, Fr. McManus

11. Financial Guidance for Pastors

Msgr. Pilato, Bishop Kennedy, Fr. Stravinskas, Msgr. Batule, Dr. Mario Enzler, Carlos de Quesada (Vera Cruz Advisory)